23 June 2017

LeseForum, South Tyrol (Italy)

LeseForum, South Tyrol logo

The LeseForum, South Tyrol was founded in 2004 with the aim of creating a new platform to promote reading in the region.
The population of South Tyrol is made up of three ethnic groups: Italians, German-speaking people and a small group of people who speak an old Rhaeto-Romance language. The LeseForum, South Tyrol offers promotion of reading for the German- and Rhaeto-Romance-speaking people in this part of Italy.
Several institutions (ie schools, libraries, youth centres, bookshops) offer activities for the various age groups from the youngest to the elderly to promote the enjoyment of books and the pleasure of reading. The cooperation of these institutions in the LeseForum is important and prolific. The LeseForum is meant to be an open platform for all sorts of reading projects, and supports networking all over South Tyrol.

Members of the Leseforum

The active members of the LeseForum, South Tyrol are:
> the Centre for Libraries and Reading
> the Jukibuz (book centre for children and young people).

The Centre for Libraries and Reading, run by the Department of Culture of the Provincial Government of South Tyrol, is a service centre for local libraries. Among its many services (financial support, library architecture and information technology assistance, networking), it offers help and assistance with the promotion of reading. The aim is to encourage and support literacy and reading through activities, events and long-running projects. Furthermore, the Centre for Libraries and Reading organises, finances and supports reading projects in public libraries and school libraries, and regularly invites authors of books for children and young people for readings. Other important services are the courses, tutorials, hands-on seminars and workshops for librarians and teachers that help keep the professionals in the libraries up-to-date and provide them with in-depth knowledge and new trends. http://www.provinz.bz.it/bibliotheken

The JUKIBUZ (book centre for children and young people) offers a variety of reading activities for children and young people, e.g. reading clubs and picture book workshops. A meeting place for children and teenagers, but also for parents, teachers, librarians and people interested in children’s literature, it issues the JUKIBUZ-Magazine – a periodical with childrens’ book reviews and articles – and organises reading seminars where children and teenagers can practise the art of reading and enjoy the fun of it. Moreover, it stages book exhibitions, answers questions about the selection of books for children and young people, and assists nursery schools and schools in promoting literacy. http://www.kulturinstitut.org/hauptnavigation/jukibuz/