23 June 2017

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Research on reading and reading behaviour is an important theme for the Dutch Reading Foundation. Its promotion of this research is based particularly on a facilitating approach.

Starting points: the results of academic research can serve as the basis for reading-promotion projects. In turn, these projects can be evaluated. So, the emphasis is on policy-preparation research, application-oriented research and evaluation research.

Collaboration with other institutions and organisation (at home and abroad) is important too. This is being intensified. At universities, contacts are being maintained with all of the relevant departments.

Research themes can be formulated at different levels, from general to specific. This is taken into consideration when prioritising and honouring specific research applications.

Research themes are closely connected with the policy choices that the Dutch reading foundation makes, with its projects, with its activities and with the gaps observed in reading research. Specific examples of the three categories mentioned are as follows:

> Research themes that are mentioned in the 2009 – 2012 long-term policy plan: The specificity of literature bearing in mind the role of and functions allocated to it in comparison with literary texts and other media, the continuous reading pathway and the connection between language proficiency and literature.

> The connection between leisure reading and compulsory reading (for school or work)

> The importance of reading aloud to someone is the key assumption underlying the organisation of the national reading aloud competition (De Nationale Voorleeswedstrijd). This makes research on the effects of reading aloud a relevant research theme for the Dutch Reading Foundation.