23 June 2017

EU READ projects

Reading is Good for Health (Portugal)

Reading is Good for Health involves doctors and nurses working in health centres and paediatric hospitals in reading counselling of families with children from six months to six years. It has …...more >

Bookbug (Scotland)

The Bookbug Programme supports every child to develop a love of books and reading by providing free Bookbug Bags to every family in Scotland, ensuring all families have books in the …...more >

Reading and New Opportunities (Portugal)

Reading and New Opportunities is a project that aims to promote reading habits and skills among the adults that are involved on the national programme that provides to the working people …...more >

Teachers’ Club (Germany)

The Teachers’ Club is a network combining the scholastic multipliers of reading promotion and up-to-date offers, always oriented on the interests and the worlds of pupils – extending beyond individual subjects …...more >

lesamol – an online based reading programme for young people (Italy)

lesamol is a reading programme for young people from 11 to 16 years, run by LeseForum, Centre for Libraries and Reading, South Tyrol/Italy. From a shortlist of 30 books the readers …...more >

Sleep to Read (Portugal)

Sleep More helps you to read better: developed by the National Reading Plan and the Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology Center, this project aims to develop reading skills together with healthy sleep …...more >

Theatre and Reading (Portugal)

Theatre and Reading is a project that celebrates both books and the theatre. It aims to promote reading practices in group and dramatic performances, encouraging creativity, self-confidence, socialisation. The project is …...more >

Annual literary competition for children (Czech Republic)

Every January the Growing with the Book campaign invites children to compete on an interesting book-related theme, often connected with main theme of the Book World Prague fair. Children are divided …...more >

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