23 June 2017

Books, the art of reading and more

Professional know-how is crucial in the world of books and media. Librarians are those professionals who pass information on to their readers. This sequence of four vocational training courses is meant to support librarians in their daily work.

The courses focus on the following topics:

> early literacy, picture books and book illustration, exploiting picture books and the importance of fairy tales
> children’s books, the art of listening and audio books, feature films for children and young people, poetry for children
> books for young readers especially for boys and how to attract the attention of non-readers among adolescents – fantasy books, comics and manga
> non-fiction books for children and young readers and how to convey scientific topics.

The training courses were accompanied by an intensive training programme to practise reading aloud.

The feedback concerning the contents and methodology has been very positive and we have repeatedly been asked to start a new sequence.

This project is run by LeseForum, South Tyrol (Italy)