23 June 2017

Book Trust bookgifting schemes

Book Trust bookgifting schemes

Book Trust’s bookgifting programmes provide free books for children at crucial stages of their development.

Almost 3 million children receive books from Book Trust each year, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to experience the delight and power of books and the written word.

Bookstart gives free book packs at three stages of a child’s development between 0 and 4 years: the baby pack is gifted by your health visitor in baby’s first year.

Booktime, which is delivered in partnership with Pearson, is gifted in the child’s first year of school when they are 4 or 5. Bookbuzz offers every Student in Year 7-9 the chance to choose their own book, from a list of 17 titles suitable for 11-year-olds and selected by a panel of experts.

We also offer two targeted offers for selected primary (The Ant Club) and secondary schools (Beyond Booked Up), which provide additional support at key transition periods for children. All of the resources for these programmes have been designed to support and enrich the existing curriculum.

In October 2012 we launched Pori Drwy Stori for Welsh schools’ Reception classes.

Read for My School is also offered in partnership with Pearson. The programme challenges Year 3-8 Pupils to read as many books as possible within a two month period of the spring term.

The School Library Pack is a free offering of books and resources to schools in England with Year 7 students. The programme is funded by the Department for Education, and generously supported by children’s book publishers.

In addition to our schools programmes we also work with local authorities to offer packs of books and other educational materials for children in care to support their learning in the home environment through our Letterbox Club.

Our ‘free books’ reading programmes are made possible thanks to an innovative public/private partnership between the government and our publisher partners.


This project is run by Book Trust (United Kingdom)