23 June 2017

Portheimka villa

Portheimka villa

Exhibition, discussion with authors, literary workshops for schools

This exhibition, part of the Growing with the Book campaign, is held every June. It is part of a wide-ranging programme that includes creative workshops, music performances by children, author’s readings, the chance to meet and talk with illustrators, children’s books adapted for the theatre and other dramatic performance. 

Previous exhibitions

2010: Book Champions. Visitors had the chance to view prizewinning children’s titles from the prestigious Astrid Lindgren Memorial and BolognaRagazzi Awards and thus to familiarize themselves with important, original and rewarding books for children in many world languages. 

2009: Helena Zmatlíková (not only) for children. Exhibition of the books and illustrations of a popular artist and illustrator whose work has influenced several generations of Czech readers. 

2008: The World’s Most Beautiful Books and Illustrations. In cooperation with the Stiftung Buchkunst foundation of Frankfurt am Main, Germany, which every year seeks out and awards prizes to the world’s most successful books, eighty titles were selected from 28 countries.

2007: The Best Works for Children and Young People (1992 – 2006) or 15 Years of the Golden Ribbon. Jubilee awards for books for children and young people by authors and illustrators in the Czech Republic.

2006: 200 Years of Books for Children and Young People. Exhibitions of books showing developments in Czech children’s literature from its origination to the present day

This project is run by Svět Knihy (Czech Republic)