Reading Aloud Week (Portugal)

The National Reading Plan promotes two different moments to disseminate activities aimed at reading aloud, one public event and one week devoted to reading aloud.

The public event is promoted by the National Reading Plan in close collaboration with the Municipality of Alcochete, Alcochete Secondary School and the Cultural Association Andante. On the 1st February it will be hold the event “Clube Med – Leitura em Voz Alta” (Med Club – Reading aloud).

During the week of 28th January to 1st February schools and other entities are invited to promote reading aloud activities and the National Reading Plan will disseminate them  in the PNL2027 portal and its  usual channels.

In the PNL2027  portal several  proposals for different activities can be found and are inspirational to promote others.

Reading Aloud Week  – 28 January to 1 February

Public event – 1st February 2019

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Goal of our Campaign

The Portuguese National Reading Plan has always been concerned with the levels of literacy of Portuguese people. Its aims are to promote the pleasure, habits and reading competences of the Portuguese population. But at present there are new demands and different strategies to answer these demands. Through the proposal of a variety of activities the National Reading Plan celebrates the World Day of Reading Aloud as a way to promote reading. During one week the National Reading Plan will disseminate all the activities promoted nationwide on reading aloud. On the 1st of February there will be an event with the presence of the Ministry of Education. This event is a joint initiative of the National Reading Plan, one Artistic Association, one School Cluster and the Municipality of Alcochete.

Most pressing issue

The lower levels of reading for pleasure in younger generations and the higher levels of information input from the Network society.

The target audiences have enlarged, including, in a privileged way, the first childhood, where the foundations of literacy are laid, and the young and less qualified adult population.

Knowing how to read implies nowadays knowing to read well, fluently and in every format.

What we need most

The information society where we live in is in constant and frantic growth. The raising of awareness to better and more conscious reading must begin at an early age. The PNL 2027 aims to help Portuguese people to become more literate, competent and prepared to relate to the world in a more critical, cohesive and effective manner, at present and in the future.


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