Asociación Artística-Sociocultural Mestiza

Mestiza is an innovative non-profit organization committed to strengthening community through art and education. Established in 2008, we aim to promote and develop artistic, educational and socio-cultural projects that reflect the multicultural diversity of our environment in San Sebastian and the Basque Country.

Mestiza develops its projects and activities based on a strong relationship with statutory/local and regional governments (City Council of San Sebastián, Donostia Kultura, The Gipuzkoa Provincial Council) and with the support of a network of volunteers and private institutions (University Studies Abroad Consortium USAC, Fondo de Cultura Económica Spain FCE, Laboral Kutxa, Ekintza Ikastola).

One of our main aims is to promote reading and the literature, with a special focus on the early childhood. For that, we created the Txikikids Corner Programme in 2009, which encompasses several reading activities based on our belief in the power of books, songs and nursery rhymes. This programme encourages families to share books, read aloud and read for pleasure to their children. Txikikids Corner´s reading activities are hold in the local libraries in the Basque Country of Spain and they all free and inclusive. 



Europe Reads, irakurzaletasuna bultzatzeko kanpaina


Europe Reads, campaña de lectura en voz alta