, Poland is a social network – the largest independent Web service in Poland where people get their book-related news and information, can discuss, evaluate and check where they can buy a book. According to Megapanel PBI, it is the largest service in the category of culture and literature.  Value of its service is recognized both by the cultural and business community. is active in promoting readership, as well as supporting CSR activities and campaigns for brands, such as: Skoda, Allegro, Answear or BZWBK.

The service from 2011 has become a leader in its category. Over three million unique users visit the site monthly, generating 17 million views. There are 20 million book ratings and a 2 million opinions written by it users. The site received multiple awards, including among other the Minister of the Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland Award for Online Culture in 2014, Polish Internet Company Award or Business Gazelle Award in 2018. Nearly two thousand books from 80 publishing houses have come onto the market endorsed by lubimyczytać.pl. Izabela Sadowska has been the company’s CEO ever since its beginning.

Lubimyczytać.pl sp. z o.o.

tel. +48 692 834 047