National Reading Aloud Day (Switzerland)


The Swiss National Reading Aloud Day, initiated by the Swiss Institute for Children’s and Youth Media SIKJM, is a Switzerland-wide event that promotes the importance of reading aloud to children. Reading aloud not only creates intimacy but also supports children’s development: being read to every day helps children to expand their vocabulary, and it improves their reading and writing competence.

Starting in 2018, the Swiss National Reading Aloud Day takes place every year on the fourth Wednesday in May and promotes reading aloud at home, in schools and through a variety of public events. The National Reading Aloud Day encourages everyone to show their support by reading to children or organizing an event on this day. Through the official website, the National Reading Aloud Day offers three different ways of participating:

Anyone interested in reading aloud, be it parents, grandparents or neighbors, can sign up to make an effort and read to children on this particular day to show their support for the National Reading Aloud Day and the importance of reading aloud.

Institutions such as kindergartens, schools, and day cares can sign up and organize their own reading activities. Many institutions organize reading sessions together with local politicians, authors, parents and other interested persons.

Lastly, the National Reading Aloud Day also consists of a wide range of public events which will be held in public places such as libraries, book stores and museums. Institutions can register their events, which will then be published on the official website. For these events, the SIKJM will also be working with different ambassadors and celebrities who will be reading aloud to children and promoting the event.

The first National Reading Aloud Day in Switzerland will take place on 23 May 2018 and is being organized by the Swiss Institute for Children’s and Youth Media SIKJM in cooperation with Famigros, the family club of one of the largest retailers in Switzerland, and 20 Minuten, the Swiss newspaper with the highest coverage, and numerous other partners. Many celebrities and politicians support the Swiss National Reading Aloud Day and read in several institutions in all parts of Switzerland.