Contest “My book cover” (Switzerland)

For children and youngsters – and not only for them – it is difficult to choose a book which they like. The blurb only informs about the content of a story but not about its quality. The hints of parents, teachers or librarians can serve as a guide, but don’t always match one’s own taste.

The most important intermediary between the book and the potential reader is the book cover. Organized by SIKJM, the contest “My book cover” is an ideal vehicle to discuss the selection of books in school. The participating students design the cover of a book which doesn’t exist but which they would like to read. Over the course of this work, they learn to use the information on the cover, reflect their expectations on reading and profit of more worthwhile reading-experiences.

The contest is destined for students of 3rd to 8th grade (9 to 14 years old), whereat the participants are grouped in three age categories. The self-designed book covers are judged by a jury with experts of school, library and publishing. The jury rates imagination, verbal skills and artistic capability of expression as well as the the compliance of text and picture.

This project is run by The Swiss Institute for Children’s and Youth Media (SIKJM) (Switzerland).