Book World Prague (Czech Republic)

An international book fair and literary festival

The festival of the Czech book world comes every May, giving the public the chance to see and buy a wide selection of books from most Czech publishers. They can also meet authors, illustrators and book-industry specialists from home and abroad. There are 400 different events, including discussions, author’s readings, workshops, performances, film screenings and electronic innovations.

The festival includes a special focus on books and events for children. There is a wide range of readings, games, get-togethers and screenings of films for children, plus information and literary creative play, all of which is supplemented with a variety of competitions whose winners are announced at a prizegiving ceremony.

In 2010 one of the most successful was Readers’ Challenge, whose preliminary round had its Czech première at the exhibition grounds. This competition is based on La bataille des livres (‘Battle of the Books’) from the Francophone countries, in which teams of children (in their school classes) have in advance read a certain number of selected books in a set time. Each ten-year-old pupil chooses and reads some of the set books; in the challenge, a jury poses the questions and the whole team competes against other classes as it demonstrates its knowledge of the books’ contents.

This project is run by Svět Knihy (Czech Republic).