24 April 2014

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EU READ is a consortium of European reading promotion organisations.

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Featured EU READ projects

Book Time (Portugal)

Everyday reading day in classroom work Kindergarten and schools - 1st cycle Every week reading in classroom work Schools – 2nd , 3rd cycles and secondary         The …more >

Handling of media in families with preschool children (Switzerland)

Handling of media in families with preschool children In this pilot project proposed multilingual parent-child workshops are being developed. Reading promoters are prepared in an advanced training to organize media workshops …more >

Lees mij! (Netherlands)

Lees mij! is designed to tempt young people to read using multimedia. The project consists of a number of short films about literary books, which are emailed as links to children’s …more >

My Daddy reads to me (Germany)

An uncommon piloting project A service for working fathers The project “Mein Papa liest vor!“ (My daddy reads to me) addresses working fathers of children aged from being a baby to …more >