1 October 2014

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EU READ is a consortium of European reading promotion organisations.

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Featured EU READ projects

Reading Week (Portugal)

Reading Week celebrates the pleasure of reading aloud. Each year, in March, different kinds of creative events take place all over the country. Schools, libraries, cultural centers, museums and community associations …more >

My Daddy reads to me (Germany)

An uncommon piloting project A service for working fathers The project “Mein Papa liest vor!“ (My daddy reads to me) addresses working fathers of children aged from being a baby to …more >

Holland Reads (Netherlands)

The most recent Nederland Leest (‘Holland reads’), the reading-promotion campaign run by the Foundation for Joint Publicity for Dutch Literature (CPNB) and based on the American One Book, One City campaign, …more >

De Jonge Jury (The Young Jury) (Netherlands)

The Young Jury is, with almost 7,000 members, the largest reading club in Flanders. Its members, aged between 4 and 16, read ten recent books, discuss their reading experiences to then …more >