23 May 2017

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EU READ is a consortium of European reading promotion organisations.

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Featured EU READ projects

Children’s Jury (Belgium)

The Children’s Jury is the biggest reading group in the country. Large numbers of children are actively involved. In order to vote, they have to read a list of ten books. …more >

Time for Ten (Norway)

Tid for ti (Time for Ten) is a new project approaching pupils in the 7th grade. The project contains an anthology with excerpts from books written in Norwegian Nynorsk. The edition …more >

Young people Reading More (Portugal)

The project Young People Reading More aims that young people reflect about themselves as readers and, simultaneous, that they act as reading promoters, specially to adults and senior people of their …more >

Swiss Storytelling Night (Switzerland)

Swiss Storytelling Night takes place every year on the second Friday in November in venues all over Switzerland. When the nights become longer, when it is cold outside and winter is …more >