26 May 2016

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EU READ is a consortium of European reading promotion organisations.

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Featured EU READ projects

Theatre and Reading (Portugal)

Theatre and Reading is a project that celebrates both books and the theatre. It aims to promote reading practices in group and dramatic performances, encouraging creativity, self-confidence, socialisation. The project is …more >

World Book Day (Germany)

Following the success of last year’s World Book Day novel (‘Ich schenke dir eine Geschichte’ -‘I Will Make You a Story Gift’), this year an exciting fantasy story has been published …more >

Book Trust bookgifting schemes (United Kingdom)

Book Trust’s bookgifting programmes provide free books for children at crucial stages of their development. Almost 3 million children receive books from Book Trust each year, ensuring that every child has …more >

Open Borders - Offene Grenzen (Austria)

To show the potential of a borderless and peaceful coexistence in Europe to young people, the Austrian Bookclub, together with its partners, launched the competition “Open Borders” in the school year …more >