28 July 2014

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EU READ is a consortium of European reading promotion organisations.

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Featured EU READ projects

Reading Partners (LesepartnerInnen) (Austria)

All scientific studies have shown the enormous effect pre-school and school-accompanying reading habits can have on the future reading and learning success of children. Fluency in reading is best achieved by …more >

Holland Reads (Netherlands)

The most recent Nederland Leest (‘Holland reads’), the reading-promotion campaign run by the Foundation for Joint Publicity for Dutch Literature (CPNB) and based on the American One Book, One City campaign, …more >

De Jonge Jury (The Young Jury) (Netherlands)

The Young Jury is, with almost 7,000 members, the largest reading club in Flanders. Its members, aged between 4 and 16, read ten recent books, discuss their reading experiences to then …more >

De SamenLezing (Belgium)

De SamenLezing addresses low-literacy adults and non-native speakers of Dutch and is run through basic education learning centres and centres for adult education. People are invited by their teachers to read …more >